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More than 133 million Americans, have at least one chronic condition. These conditions include arthritis, asthma, cancer, cardiovascular disease, depression, and diabetes, though these are only a few of the numerous chronic illnesses that adversely impact their daily living conditions. These circumstances have made it impossible for many of us to live alone independently.

When you think about where to find skilled, dedicated, passionate, and personable caregivers that will assist my loved one with performing daily routines, such as eating, bathing, and dressing, there are basic functions that are sometimes taken for granted. Until we are faced with the choice of living independently or living in a nursing home, most people would prefer to live in their own home as long as possible.

This is an all too familiar situation that many of our seniors face as they get older and desire to remain in their own home. It is imperative that when identifying the ideal caregiver you consider what are your home-care needs. First, you must determine what areas of home-healthcare is needed such as personal care, and household care. Do you need home care, such as physical therapy or medication management? Do you need non-medical personal care, such as assistance with bathing, dressing, toileting, and meal preparation, or are you looking mainly for companionship or sitter? Do you need help with housecleaning, shopping, home maintenance, and running errands, or with bill-paying and managing household budget items.

Define the level of support needed. Then prepare a list of questions to ask to qualify and identify the ideal caregiver. Always make sure references are checked, criminal background conducted, education and license registration are completed.

Once you have completed these basic screening measures, move forward and hire the caregiver that you feel is the best fit for your situation. The only thing that is left to do, is for you to constantly monitor the quality of care your loved one is receiving to ensure optimum support.

Understand that in many cultures, our seniors and loved ones, are treated as honored and respected family treasures, valued for their family, professional, and community contributions. In other words, treat and care for them as you would like to be treated.


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