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Many healthcare professionals turn to specialized healthcare staffing organizations to expand their career options. This is an excellent idea that will allow you to strategically partner with an organization that is committed to your overall career objectives. However, with so many healthcare staffing agencies to choose from this can be daunting.

Questions to ask yourself: Where do you see your career in the short term? is it in alignment with your long-term career goals? Then list your minimum requirements and outcomes you would like from a healthcare staffing agency partner.

It’s imperative that when selecting the ideal healthcare staffing agency that you have a good understanding of what they are looking for in a healthcare professional. This will allow you to better position yourself as a candidate and ensure a mutually beneficial relationship.

You must be reliable. This may seem obvious, but this can still be a challenge for some professionals. When you are on call, the agency is placing its good name in your hands. Failing to be available when you are called in for a shift not only damages your reputation but the agency’s as well. Your agency partner wants to be sure you will be available when you say are.

There are many flexible options available to you as a partner. Several of these appealing assignments may afford you the opportunity to travel and learn about other health systems. However, the more open and flexible your availability options afford the agency, the more easily the agency can present various opportunities to you.

The willingness to work in different facilities will also aid in further developing your skills and experience. This will not only foster your professional development but propel your candidacy to more challenging assignments.

Partnering with a healthcare staffing agency can greatly improve your career exposure, thus complementing the agency’s objective to cultivate a successful partnership with you.


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